Private sector interest in the management of Lake Victoria fisheries encompasses a wide range of individuals, companies and corporations.  The most significant individual sub-sector in terms of value is the industrial processing sector targeting the export market for Nile perch. Of course the fisherfolk themselves are from the private sector and the suppliers of the goods and most of the services they require are provided by the private sector. 

While the challenge of incorporating the private sector at the beach level is being addressed by ensuring their participation in the operations of the Beach Management Units and higher level co-management institutions, alternative approaches are required in the higher level organs in the LVFO.

In May 2006 the LVFO met with representatives of the national fish processing associations and some individual processors themselves, during a consultative meeting held in Entebbe, Uganda.  Noting the need to strengthen collaboration between the LVFO and the fish processing and export industry, the meeting participants agreed that the fish processing and export industry could be given future representation on the Fisheries Management Committee and the Scientific Committee of the LVFO, through a Regional Association.  In 2007 further discussions will be held to put detail onto the proposal and operationalise the agreement.  The representation of the processing sector in the LVFO organs will be supported by joint work in the development of a certification and eco-labelling programme initially for Nile perch, development of the export levy system in the three countries and within a co-management framework.