The operations of the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization are guided by the LVFO Strategic Vision which aims at having:

“A common System/Resource Management Among Contracting Parties in Matters Regarding Lake Victoria with the Goal of Restoring and Maintaining the Health of the Ecosystem and Assuring Sustainable Development to the Benefit of the Present and Future Generations”

by harmonising activities towards:

  •     A Healthy Lake Victoria Ecosystem and Sustainable Resources;
  •     Integrated Fisheries Management;
  •     Coordinated Research Programs;
  •     Information Generation, Flow and Exchange; and
  •     Institutional/Stakeholder Partnership

The Strategic Vision document spells out the goals of the LVFO and describes the focus, intent and direction of the LVFO programmes through the year 2015. The LVFO strategy embraces the ecosystem approach to management, research and development of the Lake Victoria resources. It acknowledges the collective responsibility of member states towards the lake and need for joint decision making and action. The Strategy also embraces the concept of common systems/resource management, which involves the interplay of various stakeholders in the management of the Lake Victoria Resource.