The Lake Victoria Fisheries Organisation (LVFO) received a grant from the European Union (EU) of Euros 2 million to implement the ‘Contribution of Sustainable Fisheries to the Blue Economy of the Eastern Africa, Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Region – E€OFISH programme’. The overall objective is to enhance equitable economic growth by promoting sustainable fisheries in the East African-South African-Indian Ocean (EA-SA-IO) region. The specific objective is to support sustainable management and development of fisheries, while addressing climate change resilience and enhancing marine biodiversity.

On Lake Victoria, the purpose of the Programme is to support sustainable management and development of fisheries resources. The ECOFISH programme came into force in September 2018 when the agreement was signed between the European Union and the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC). The following the activities being supported for the next four (4) years:

  1. Recruitment of Programme Staff-Administrative and Accounts Assistant.
    • A Project Administrative Assistant and the Project Accounts Assistant, were recruited and on are duty
  2. Procurement of Programme Project vehicle.
    • A Programme vehicle was delivered to the Secretariat in November 2020
  3. To conduct the Lake Wide Frame Survey on Lake Victoria.
    • A lake wide frame survey has been conducted and data entered and analysed with national reports awaited for integration into a regional report
  4. Reviewing the Lake Victoria Fisheries Management Plan III (2016-2020) and drafting the LVFO Management Plan IV (2021-2025).
    • The consultancy is ongoing and stakeholder consultations to be undertaken including regional validation
  5. To undertake a Legal Institutional and Organisational Framework Analysis of the Proposed East Africa Fisheries Organisation (EAFO).
    • The consultancy was advertised and the selection process is ongoing to have the legal and institutional reforms reviewed.
  6. Training in enforcement, compliance and prosecution procedures in enforcement, compliance and prosecution procedures.
    • The recruitment process for a short-term consultancy is ongoing. The consultant will train a regional team (Training of Trainers) and national teams will be trained, equipped and facilitated to undertake enforcement operations at national level in June 2021, with the plan of implementation of Regional Monitoring, Control and Surveillance operations in the Lake Victoria
  7. Facilitate national high-level policy dialogue on Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing and sensitize fisher communities and lower-level leadership on importance of their roles in combating IUU.
    • The National high-level policy dialogue on IUU fishing and sensitization of fisher communities and lower level leadership on importance of their roles in combating IUU is planned for June 2021