Over the course of 16 years since its establishment, the LVFO has been able to make some significant milestones include:

  1. Establishing a vibrant Secretariat in Jinja, Uganda, that has enhanced the cooperation of Partner States for the effective utilization and management of fisheries and aquaculture resources in the EAC region. The Secretariat has, among others:
    • Facilitated the harmonization of policies, regulations, standards and guidelines; supported capacity strengthening of key stakeholders in fisheries and aquaculture management; and provided technical support to stakeholders;
    • Provided a forum for coordination, interaction and experience sharing among Partner States and other stakeholders around fisheries and aquaculture development.
  2. Formation of community based structures for the management and sustainable use of fisheries and aquaculture resources. This consists of 1,069 Beach Management Units, three national Fish Processors and Exporters Associations and thematic working groups which also participate in the planning and decision making process of the organization, thereby enhancing ownership and sustainability.
  3. Developed an effective mechanism for quality assurance of the export of fish and fishery products that has guaranteed uninterrupted access to international markets in over 24 countries over the past 16 years. This has resulted in increased exports from USD 51 millions in 1994 to USD 340 million by 2014.
  4. LVFO has established itself as an authority and repository for scientific knowledge and information on fisheries and aquaculture for the EAC region through its network of research institutions at Partner States.  LVFO is able to conduct annual census, surveys and studies to support science-based planning and decision making.

The selected projects which LVFO has coordinated their implementation

  1. The Socio-economics of the Nile perch for Lake Victoria Phase I and II in collaboration  with IUCN and NORAD
  2. Lake Victoria Fisheries Research Project Phase I and II
  3. Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project I and II
  4. Implementation of Fisheries Management Plan
  5. The potential for aquaculture in Lake Victoria and implications for wild fisheries and fish commodity markets in collaboration with the University of Denver, US.
  6. ACP-Fish II on development and harmonization of legal instruments for the involvement of Revenue Authorities for impoundment of imports and exports of fishing gear and fishery products in the Lake Victoria Basin and on Nile perch Fishery Management Plan, 2015-2019
  7. FAO through Lake Victoria basin ecosystem services
  8. IOC-SmartFish on EAC harmonized fisheries and aquaculture border inspection manual for promotion of Regional Fish Trade
  9. IOC-SmartFish on Fisheries options to reduce IUU fishing in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zanzibar