LVFO works under the following programmes:

Fisheries Resource Monitoring and Research

  • Catch Assessment and Frame Survey – provide information on the fisheries including catch, catch composition and fishing effort;
  • Fish Stock Assessment (Trawl and Acoustic Survey) – provide information on the biology and ecology of the fishes; and monitor  biomass, composition, distribution and population structure of fish stocks;
  • Pollution and Environmental Monitoring – provide information on the, lake productivity processes and on the health of the fish habitat and how they relate to fish production;
  • Social-economic Research and Monitoring – provide information on fisheries socio-economics, trade and marketing; and
  • Aquaculture research - provide information on species to be cultured, quality fish seeds and feeds, culturing technologies and site identification

Fisheries Management and Development Program

Fisheries Policy, Legislation, Institutions, and Processes – develop and harmonize fisheries policies, laws and regulations;

Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) –promote adherence to fisheries laws and regulations and adoption of appropriate fisheries practices; and

Co-management – promote participation of stakeholders in sustainable development and management of fisheries

Fish quality Assurance and marketing

  • Fish Quality Assurance, Safety and Product Development and Marketing; and Promote compliance to fish quality, safety and value addition, trade and marketing; And Traceability of fish and fishery products;

Knowledge Management and Information Sharing Program

  • Database Development and Management – develop and manage database to be used as decision-support tools; 
  • Information, Communication and Outreach – package and disseminate information to resource users and managers; and
  • New Technologies Advancement.

Aquaculture Management and Development Program

  • Aquaculture Management and Development Program
  • Provide legal framework for the development of aquaculture in the region
  • Provide forum for knowledge exchange to attract and promote investment in aquaculture
  • Develop guidelines and plans for responsible aquaculture

Human Resources and Infrastructure Capacity Building Program

  • Infrastructure Capacity Building – develop infrastructure; and
  • Human Resources Development (HRD) – develop human resources capacity for research, development and management of fisheries resources.