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Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization

Regional Stakeholder Engagement and Project Kick-Off Workshop: MultiTip Project: A full-cycle, multi-method approach to the Lake Victoria Nile perch fishery

A regional stakeholder engagement and project kick-off workshop for the MultiTip Project was held at the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (LVFO) Secretariat in Jinja Uganda on 26th July 2019. The main objective of the workshop was to raise awareness to key stakeholders on the project objectives, expected outputs and implementation modalities with the aim of having better policy through better science. The project objective is to investigate the economic incentives, institutional instruments, and stakeholder’s perceptions that may hinder sustainable management of the Nile Perch fishery in Lake Victoria. The project is led by a team of behavioral and environmental economists, cognitive and environmental psychologists, mathematical modelers and fisheries experts from the Universities of Heidelberg and Kassel (Germany), and LVFO research institutions (KMFRI, TAFIRI and NaFIRRI). The main intervention of the project is to inform the direction of the policy for the future sustainable use of valuable fishery resources in Lake Victoria. The three-year research project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.