Following the expiry of its Strategic Vision 1999-2015, LVFO developed a new Strategic Plan for the period 2016-2020, that is expected to:-

  1.  Strengthen the organization;
  2. Increase its visibility;
  3. Fully   mainstream   it   into   EAC structures; and
  4. Build   its   capacity   to   mobilize resources and enhance its coordination role for sustainable management of fisheries and the development of aquaculture to contribute to food security and economic growth in the region.

The plan also recognizes the process to amend the LVFO convention to provide for all the EAC Partner States. Other anticipated changes include the expansion of the mandate of the organization (geographical-  all  East  African water bodies and technical-aquaculture) and new institutional arrangement for implementation of the Strategic Plan in the short term will have to be within the framework of the current functions and structure.

To read more, Click here to download our Strategic Plan 2016-2020