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Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization

Training Workshop on Aquaculture Statistics Data Collection, Reporting and Dissemination in the East African Region, Jinja, Uganda, 8th - 12th October 2018

The training workshop on aquaculture statistics data collection, reporting and dissemination in the East African region took place at the LVFO Secretariat, Jinja-Uganda, from 8th to 12th October 2018. The workshop was attended by Aquaculture Officers from the East African Partner States (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda), Representative from Uganda Commercial Fish Farmers Association (UCFFA), FAO Aquaculture Statistics Officers, Director of Fisheries from Lake Tanganyika Authority (LTA) and Technical Officers from Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (LVFO).  The main objective of the workshop was to improve aquaculture statistics, data and information collection, reporting and dissemination in the East African Region to be in line with the existing international aquaculture statistical norms and standards. The key recommendations from the training workshop were;

  1. LVFO Secretariat to work with FAO and Partner States to develop standard sampling methodologies and procedures for the estimation of production from aquaculture LVFO Secretariat to harmonize policy and legal framework for better governance of aquaculture
  2. Partner States to fast track development of policy and legal framework for aquaculture development and management
  3. LVFO Secretariat take the lead to achieve regionally harmonized aquaculture statistics framework or system in EAC region with a support of FAO and other interested partners in support of monitoring, management, policy development and planning, and informed decision making
  4. Partner States endeavour to include aquaculture in agriculture census
  5. LVFO Secretariat to spearhead development of specific database for aquaculture at national level linking to the regional level
  6. FAO to assist LVFO and LTA to mobilize resource for database establishment, capacity building and other aquaculture related activities
  7. LVFO Secretariat to update the membership of Aquaculture Regional Working Group
  8. LVFO Secretariat to follow up aquaculture data collection and submission to FAO
  9. Partner States to share data sent to FAO with LVFO Secretariat
  10. Partner States to raise awareness amongst stakeholders at all levels on importance of aquaculture data
  11. Partner States to allocate adequate resources to implement aquaculture data related activities
  12. FAO to provide information of international established aquaculture statistical standards
  13. Partner States to update their aquaculture national data system in line with international standards