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Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization

Participants - eFisher tesing and finalization
Mr. Harris Lusinda supervising the testing of the e-Fisher applications
Mr. Emmanuel Natalis, Principal Database Officer at the LVFO Secretariat gaving an overview of the e-Fisher App using mobile interface

Workshop to Finalize Development, Demonstration and Testing of the e-Fisher Application in Kisumu, Kenya: 24th to 26th July 2023

Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (LVFO) through International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) supported project titled “Lake Victoria Small Fish Project (LVSFP)” convened a workshop to finalize, demonstrate and test the e-Fisher mobile application. The workshop was held at Sarova Imperial Hotel in Kisumu, Kenya from 24th to 26th July 2023. The e-Fisher App is aimed at capturing and transmitting daily catch and effort data as well as market information in real time. The e-Fisher app is to replace manual recording while also providing analyses that are useful to fishers, boat owners, managers, and other stakeholders. The application was developed by the LVFO Database Regional Working Group. The workshop was attended by the twenty-nine (29) participants (4 females and 25 males) who are e-CAS data developers, e-Fisher App developers, fishers and boat owners from the Lake Victoria Riparian States
The workshop was opened by the Deputy Executive Secretary of LVFO, Dr. Athony Taabu Munyaho by applauding the IT team for the great work. He urged them to prepare a robust mobile application to fishers and boat owners that is simple to use and serve their diverse needs by integrating diverse databases together available such as EFMIS and e-CAS. He thanked the IFAD for financial support and urged everyone to use this opportunity to make changes to our poor fishers.
The App is an innovative digital fishers’ recoding data collection module, revolutionizes real-time transmission of fishers' information and facilitates their data collection and analysis. It is primarily designed for fishers and boat owners to incentivize data collection and sharing. Operating on Android-based systems, the app gathers crucial fishery data, including fish catch rates by species over time for different fish species, fishing grounds, seasons, and gear-effort combinations, spatially distributed. It also captures total catches, catch structures in relation to fishing effort, the contribution of different gear types and boats to total catches, fish prices at landing sites. In addition, the App display market information such prices, nearby markets, fish by-products quantity and prices, wet dagaa quantities and prices per tons for drier dagaa, quantity sold and summary of catch values among others. In addition, the app displays basic weather information, geodata for location and time recorded.