1. Project Coordinator (Dr. Robert Kayanda - LVFO)
Dr. Robert Kayanda, holds a PhD in fisheries acoustics, ecology and management from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and MSc in International Fisheries Management from the University of Tromsoe, Norway. He is currently working with Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (LVFO) as an officer in charge of Fisheries Resource Monitoring and Research. His areas of expertise are fish stock assessment, ecology and management. He has participated in in a number of multi-national acoustic and bottom trawl surveys on both marine and freshwater estimating the biomass of small pelagics and demersal fish species. He has participated in a number of surveys to map fish (including small pelagics) abundance and distribution in Lakes Tanganyika and Victoria. He has published in a number of media such scientific articles, book chapters and technical reports among others.
2. Project Administrative Officer (Mr. Mathew Bwire – LVFO)
Mr. Bwire Mathew has exhibited skills in the project operations and human resources management stemming from different projects funded by UNFPA, Irish Aid, GIZ-Responsible Fisheries Business Chains and currently, he is working with LVFO. He has worked with the vulnerable rural communities through which he rejuvenated participation of women and youths in the value chain activities like extraction, processing and trade of fish maws in East Africa. He holds a Master of Business Administration with a bias in Project Operations and Management from Busitema University. He also holds two post graduate Diplomas in Business Administration and Project Planning and Management from Uganda Management Institute-Kampala on addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies from Kyambogo University, Kampala-Uganda.


3. Financial Specialist (Mr Julius Inyalio - LVFO)
Over 17 years’ experience in the field of finance within fisheries sector and in particular; has vast experience in financial reporting frameworks in compliance with IPSAS and and IAS’s. He has worked as Accountant with the Lake Victoria Fisheries Research Project (LVFRP) funded by the European Development Fund. Has excellent knowledge of EU/EDF rules and regulations and has wide experience in handling regular quarterly and annual financial verifications. Has worked for other donor partners like CFC COMESA, AMREF, ANAF, FAO. Holds Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Certified Public Accountant of Kenya (CPA) / Kenya Accountants Technicians Certificate (KATC).


4.  Project Procurement Specialist (Ms Nuriat Nagujja - LVFO)
Ms. Nuriat Nagujja is the Head of Procurement at the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization of the East African Community (EAC). She is a certified Procurement professional with over Fifteen (15) years’ specific experience in practical, procurement process administration; successfully managing both regional and international procurement projects, including those financed by the European Union (EU)/EDF, African Development Bank (AfDB), the World Bank (WB), USAID, GIZ, UN Agencies (IFAD and FAO), and other multilateral aid-financed Projects and Programmes.
She holds a Master of Business Administration in Logistics Management from Coventry University (UK),and a Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management, from Kyambogo University, Kampala Uganda. She is also a Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS), UK.
In addition, the Project will have dedicated staff for;
  1. Monitoring and Evaluation, Knowledge Management (Dr. Anthony Taabu-Munyaho - LVFO)
Dr. Anthony TAABU-MUNYAHO is fish stock Assessment Scientist, graduated with a PhD in Fisheries Science at University of Iceland, Reykjavik Iceland in 2014 and MSc in small pelagics on 2004 at Makerere University, Uganda. In 2015 was appointed Director of National Fisheries Resources Research Institute (NaFIRRI) an affiliate of the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO), Entebbe Uganda. In 2019, he was appointed Deputy Executive Secretary of the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (LVFO) of the East African Community (EAC). He chaired the Regional Hydro-acoustic Working group between 2007 and 2016. He is currently the Chairperson of the Lake Victoria Advisory Group. He has written, won, and led multidisciplinary research and development projects in the area of fisheries and aquaculture and published widely in the same sector. In his current engagement, he heads LVFO programmes and projects and generally leads regional level resource mobilization to support implementation of diverse projects and programmes of the organization.
  1. Social Inclusion and Gender Specialist (Ms Jane Fonda, KMFRI)
Fonda Jane Awuor is a Research Scientist and Ag. Head of Freshwater socioeconomics at Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) where she focuses on science, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship to address societal needs. She is experienced in designing and managing development projects with a focus on food systems, fisheries, resilience and adaptation, livelihood, gender, and environmental economics and policy through public-private partnerships. Her work has focused on the integration of gender within social development programs. She has an interest in successful agribusiness and enterprise development and comprehending behavioural and social sciences’ role in elucidating consumers’ and producers’ behaviour and decision making. She holds a Bachelor and a Master degree in Economics from the University of Nairobi, Kenya, and is currently pursuing her Ph.D in Agricultural Economics at Kenyatta University, Kenya. She has co-authored book chapters and journal articles on gender, technology, innovation, and development, and holds membership in various professional bodies including International Association of Great Lakes Research (IAGLR); Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN); and Mentoring Network for African Women in Academia (MTAWA).
  1. Environment and Climate Assessment Specialist. (Dr. Chrisphine Nyamweya - KMFRI)
Chrispine Nyamweya is a highly experienced ecologist with a strong background in ecological modeling, fisheries science, data science, and smart technologies. Currently serving as the Senior Research Scientist and Assistant Director at the prestigious Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI), Chrispine has achieved remarkable success during a distinguished 13-year research career. Chrispine's expertise lies in effectively describing ecosystem functioning through the utilization of simulation models. In 2017, Chrispine obtained a Doctorate Degree in Ecological Modeling from the esteemed University of Iceland, where groundbreaking contributions were made. Notably, Chrispine developed the ROMS model, elucidating circulation patterns within Lake Victoria. Additionally, the Atlantis model, a pioneering achievement, provided a comprehensive representation of the ecosystem dynamics in Lake Victoria. This model enabled Chrispine to forecast optimal fishing approaches, considering both ecological factors and the well-being of human populations. Motivated by a passion for scientific analysis, Chrispine is deeply committed to studying data, uncovering patterns, identifying trends and relationships, and formulating actionable strategies for the long-term management of vulnerable ecosystems. Embracing technology, big data, deep learning, and artificial intelligence, Chrispine eagerly utilizes these tools to provide decision support for ecosystem management, firmly establishing the role of science communication in their work.Furthermore, Chrispine holds international diplomas in Marine and Inland Waters, Resources, Monitoring, and Assessment, Fisheries Acoustics, Fishbase and Taxonomy, and Research Project Design. Proficient in statistical computer languages such as R and Python, as well as MySQL for database creation and communication, Chrispine possesses the necessary skills to tackle complex research challenges. Demonstrating a strong commitment to democratizing research, Chrispine actively fosters collaborative networks and promotes citizen science initiatives. A notable example of this dedication is the development of a web-based database (https://kenyasdata.com) for KMFRI's Freshwater directorate. Additionally, Chrispine has authored over 50 papers in SCI-indexed journals and played a crucial role as an investigator in numerous national, regional, and international initiatives aimed at advancing the noble cause of ecological research.
  1. Project Focal Person TAFIRI: Mr. Joseph Luomba
A person with his arms crossedDescription automatically generated with low confidenceJoseph Onyango Luomba holds a Masters of Arts degree in Geography from the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada and Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Dar-Es Salaam. His research experience is on small scale fisheries governance, value chain analysis, gender, fisheries wealth for poverty alleviation and co-management. Mr. Luomba has over ten years of experience in fisheries research and consultancies in East Africa Region under various research projects in both fresh and marine waters. He is a member of national and regional fisheries research working groups. He has participated in number of trainings, scientific conferences, national and regional workshops with diverse topics. He has also authored and co-authored research papers in international journals.
10. Project Focal Person NaFIRRI: Ms. Joyce Akumu
Akumu Joyce Kabali is a fishery Biologist /Ecologist/ Socio-Economist . She holds a BSc, degree in hydro-biology and wildlife ecology, and MSc Degree in fishery and aquatic sciences and currently persuing a PhD in Public Health. She has carried out a number of studies that have provided technologies, publications and policy recommendations. ’’She was involved in a study on,” Harnessing dietary nutrients of under-utilized fish and fish processing by-products to reduce micronutrient deficiencies among vulnerable groups in Uganda – NutriFish. She has been a principal investigator on a regional project on, “Improving livelihoods of fishing communities in the Lake Victoria basin.’’ She was involved in regional studies on, “Dagaa trade on lake Victoria for improved nutrition, food security and incomes. She has also carried out studies on, “Market development and cost-benefit analysis of fisheries and aquaculture enterprises in Uganda.” She has also carried out studies on,” Assessment and monitoring of key socio- economic drivers in relation to water quality environment and lake productivity in Lakes Victoria, Albert, Kyoga, and Kwania systems, and studies on, “Enhancing indigenous knowledge on HIV/AIDS and foods and nutrition among the fisher communities of Lakes Victoria, Albert , Kyoga and Kwania. She carried studies on “Fish diversity and taxa composition in river/lake interface and lake habitats in the Napoleon Gulf of Lake Victoria Uganda, to mention but a few.
  1. Project Focal Person KMFRI: Mr. Horace Owiti
A person in a suit and tieDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceHorace has 10 years of research experience as a Research Scientist on Socioeconomics issues at the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI), Kisumu. At KMFRI, he currently oversees the Fresh Water Systems Socioeconomics research section. Mr Onyango possesses an undergraduate degree in Actuarial Science with IT from Maseno University, Kenya (2009), a Master in International & Development Economics from the University of Namur, Belgium (2014), and an ongoing PhD in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources from Cornell University, USA. Horace has won research grants and participated in many international, regional and local projects focussing on fisheries socioeconomics. His research experience in relation to small fish species include fishing and processing dynamics; socio-cultural benefits, nutrition and perceptions; market aspects such as supply, demand, prices and distribution channels; and the policy landscape. Currently, he has published 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers on marine and freshwater fisheries socioeconomics, with professional membership in the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA), Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) and Africa Economic Research Consortium (AERC). Horace is also an active member of the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization’s regional and national working groups on Socio-economics issues. Professionally, Horace also is a skilled user of data analysis softwares such as SPSS, R, Stata, QGIS/ARCGIS and Matlab; with other certificate qualifications in Project Management, Research Writing, Grant Proposal Development and Research Ethics.