Result 1: Enhanced Regional policies and institutional frameworks to secure sustainable fisheries.

ECOFISH supported the development of a plan, expanding from 2021 to 2025, to address the main challenges of the fisheries of Lake Victoria and contribute to the sustainable economic growth and reduction of poverty in the East African Community. This plan is the fourth in its kind called Fisheries Management Plan IV for Lake Victoria.



ECOFISH promotes evidence based regional policies by facilitating data and information availability. It conducted a frame survey collecting data on fishermen, fishing gears, fishing boats, and other fishing input and services at the landing sites in Lake Victoria riparian districts/local governments



ECOFISH enhanced the institutional, structural, and legal frameworks of LVFO toward the expansion of its scope of intervention and its mandate




Result 2: Enhanced Regional and Sub-regional Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) action plans to deter Illegal, Unregulated and Undeclared (IUU) fishing.


ECOFISH protects the resources of Lake Victoria by strengthening the capacity in monitoring, control and surveillance. It set up and implements a regional MCS system following a consultative process and the establishment of a plan. Moreover, it trained 60 officials in enforcement and prosecution procedures while launching the procurement process of equipment and supplies in the operations.