To ensure efficient use and sustainable management of Lake Victoria’s resources, the ECOFISH-LVFO project strives to:

Increase by at least

10% fish catches, by 2024




Strengthen LVFO’s capacity to promote sustainable fishing by:

  • Providing an updated Fisheries Management Plan of the Lake
  • Developing the appropriate mechanisms for the implementation of its expanded scope and mandate



Ensure proper regulation of the exploitation of the resources by:

  • Training at least 60 officials in enforcement compliance and prosecution procedures
  • Setting up a regional database of licensed fishing vessels
  • Protecting at least 50 community biodiversity hot spots
  • Conducting at least 3 joint/coordinated patrols


To produce these concrete outputs, in terms of enhancing regional policies and institutional frameworks, the ECOFISH-LVFO project is caring out the following 4 main activities:

  • Evaluate and review existing management plans and/or develop and support the implementation of new management plan for species and or fisheries of regional interest
  • Promote coherent regional registration and licensing frameworks in the small-scale inland and marine fisheries
  • Support the adoption and implementation of management measures aiming at protecting marine biodiversity with regional impacts
  • Improve data collection and data management in support of more evidence based regional policies

Regarding the enhanced Regional and Sub-regional Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) action plans to deter Illegal, Unregulated and Undeclared (IUU) fishing, the following 3 strategic activities are carried out:

  • Establish and implement a regional Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) that encompass among others, the development of regional guidelines or framework on fisheries licensing, the establishment of user rights-based management systems
  • Build capacity to implement regional, cost-effective inland monitoring and surveillance programmes
  • Support capacity building enforcement, compliance, and prosecution procedures in the fisheries sector at national levels.